Posted by: Becka | April 9, 2011


Yesterday at work, I helped a nice elderly man.  He came into the library to get on “spacebook.”  Apparently, his son had called the library the previous day from New Zealand to tell us how to help his father find him on Facebook.

I had to help him create an email account.  This involved explaining to him what email even was.  While I was signing him up for an account, he pulled a picture frame out of his bag and proceeded to show me a picture of his wife on their 50th wedding anniversary.  They were married for 57 years and she died 4 years ago.  He also pulled out her driver’s license out of his wallet and showed it to me.  🙂

We finally got the email account set up (though he’s never going to use it) so that we could set up a “spacebook” account.  As I was setting up the Facebook account, it asked for his birthday.  He turned 84 this past Thursday. 

After a while, a man came to use the computer next to the one I was helping at.  I was in his chair, so I was kneeling most of the time and helping him set it up.  And he kept asking me if I would like to sit.  🙂  It was sweet.  Eventually, I did take him up on his offer and he stood behind me while I entered the information. 

We were unable to find the pages that his son had called about.  Hopefully, next time he comes, I’ll be able to help him so he can see the pictures his son was wanting him to see.  🙂


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