Posted by: Becka | April 26, 2011

Cape Henlopen Bike Ride

Last Saturday was a blast for me!  In the morning, I went shopping with Rachel, Amanda, and Lydia.  When I got home, I made a quick lunch and Matt and I were off to the Bike Riding activity.


We had 10 kids show up with Bikes, Skateboards, and Roller Blades/Skates in tow.  We had a blast riding around Cape Henlopen State Park.  Matt and I took them on this crazy awesome bike trail we had found last summer.  It is serious biking, with sharp turns and lots of random hills.  Before going on the trail, Matt warned them that “this trail is a little dangerous.”  Apparently, it was a lesson in how well teens listen.  🙂  Andrew lost control and slammed his face into a tree.  I had to pick a piece of bark out of his neck!  lol  Michelle didn’t slow down enough on one of the hills and bumped the Jesse’s bike tire with her own and bit it hardcore.  Bike landed on top of her.  Scraped up her arm and hand really good.

Michelle showing off her battle scars.

When we finally got to the end of this awesome trail (it’s seriously my favorite), the guys were doing jumps off this small dune by the road.  Apparently, Jesse did a picture perfect jump, only to wipe out when casually riding down the road.  Scraped up elbow.  Larry also participated in this jump and fell, causing an injury to his shoulder.  Come to find out on Sunday, that he had broken his collarbone! 

Hanging out at the point.

Once back at the picnic site, the boys used a broken picnic bench board to make a ramp over one of the picnic tables.  Ironically, not a single person got hurt while attempting to jump the bench.  lol

We enjoyed hot dogs, chips, sodas, and marshmallows, had a devotion and then headed home. 

After being home for a couple of hours, Matt asked me if I wanted to go out for ice cream.  Sounded fun, only here’s the problem…Matt couldn’t find his wallet.  We quickly concluded that there was only one place left it could be.  Down at Cape Henlopen park.  We arrived there at 9:30pm just as the Park Ranger was locking the gate.  He let us in to go look for the missing wallet.  Locating it took all of 3 minutes. 

Record for me – I was down at the beach 3 separate times in one day!  It was a really fun day though.   I wouldn’t mind a similar one… 🙂

For the rest of the pictures from the day, click here!



  1. Wow, you’re a lil rough on your teens! lol

    • lol Nope. They are just rough on themselves. We had a first aid kit, but every single one of them refused any type of first aid attention. What can you do? We assumed that by the time they’re 15 and older that they know how to ride a bike. Evidently not. 🙂

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