Posted by: Becka | May 9, 2011


This past weekend, Matt’s parents had a yard sale at our house.  Our house is a prime spot for a yard sale.  We added a few of our own things, and I ventured out into the outdoors in my shorts and t-shirt, hoping to get a little bit of a sunburn.  🙂

When the yard sale was all said and done, my husband and I had made a whopping $63!  My in-laws made out at almost $200.  We might have made more money if we had actually gone through our things before the yard sale.  The entire morning, my husband was walking back and forth from the garage to the yard sale, putting out new things.  It cracked me up.

After the first couple hours, I applied some sunblock, not wanting to fry myself.  Apparently, I missed my ankle and am now sporting a bright red ankle, courtesy of the sun.  I did have raving success in aquiring a light sunburn on my legs and arms.  🙂  Hoping for another beautiful day with similar results (minus the bright red ankle).



  1. It’s always nice to have a good yard sale! Always fun to make a little extra cash too!

  2. Hey we just did a yard sale at church! Haha that was kinda fun. =) Idk how much we made…I was only there a few hours but we were pretty busy so….

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