Posted by: Becka | May 25, 2011

What Do You Do For a Living?

Seemingly, Wal-Mart has become the place for people to ask me the strangest questions.  Last Saturday, my husband and I were there to get graduation cards for the graduates of MCS.  We made quick work of picking out appropriate cards and went to the checkout line.

 Cashier to Me:  “Are you a belly dancer?”
Me, looking at her incredulously: “Me?  No.”
Mind you, I was dressed for graduation.  I was wearing an ankle length skirt, a short-sleeved, modest top, and had my hair up.

Cashier:  “Oh, that (pointing at my lace tank top sticking out the bottom of my shirt) looks like a belt belly dancers wear.”
Me:  “Oh.”
Cashier: “Did you know that belly dancers are supposed to have a little belly?”
Me thinking, “Oh, no.  I have a little belly.”
Cashier continuing:  “But you don’t have a little belly.”
Me sighing a sigh of relief on the inside.
Matt: “She’s pretty enough to be a belly dancer.”
Me to Matt: “I’m not exotic enough to be a belly dancer.”

Cashier:  “Hahaha  Awww….”  (Not sure what the laughter meant).

As Matt and I are walking away…”That was the oddest question ever.”



  1. Hahaha she actually said you don’t have a little belly? Wow. I’ll send you an ab wheel for your bday hahahaha jk 😉

    • She meant I didn’t HAVE a belly, not that it was big…lol And I don’t need an ab wheel, thanks….my crunches seem to be working all right. 😉 lol

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