Posted by: Becka | May 27, 2011

Cape Henlopen Field Trip

Yesterday I had the privilege to go on a field trip to Cape Henlopen with the Junior High and High School of MCS.  The weather was marvelous:  90+° at the beach!  We had a blast (as you will be able to tell by the pictures).  We stopped first at the Observation Towers (used in World War II for triangulation in attack against enemies and for overall protection of the Delaware Bay).  The teens had a great time in the tower.  The immediately came down and began spelling things out so you could read them from the top of the tower.  They also began climbing trees.  lol  It was great fun.

We then went on to Fort Miles.  We explored the guns and barracks and had an overall great time doing that as well. 

We approached the “great dune” and while we were up there, we found two box turtles (I’m not exactly sure who spotted them first, but I think it was Georgina).  Mr. B determined they were a couple.  🙂  Being as they were found a few feet apart and one was male and the other female.

We ate lunch in one of the barracks and then proceeded to the bay to play in the water.  It was great fun.  I spent the majority of my time playing frisbee in the water with Jimmy Martin.  Others played football, volleyball, let’s catch the horseshoe crab for the fun of it, or searched for seashells.

We then moved on to the basketball courts.  More fun to be had.  🙂  Overall it was a totally awesome day. 

 For pics of the rest of the day, click here!


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