Posted by: Becka | June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is turning out to be a traditional “get tons of stuff done around the house” weekend.  Last year, I spent the weekend getting my upstairs organized.  I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t need re-organization after the year.  🙂  I spent this past weekend working on getting more painting done.  I’m about 1/3 of the way done with the next room on the list.  I hope to squeeze in the rest of the painting in the coming weekdays and weekends.

Yes, I know it's still ugly. This is after one coat of primer. One more coat of primer and then the main color. Hooray!

Matt spent the weekend doing some gardening and putting up the clothesline.  I have mixed feelings about that clothesline.  Happy that it saves money.  Happy that I have an excuse to “work” outside.  Unhappy that laundry will take a tad longer as I have to hang it all up.  Overall, having a clothesline is very positive.  🙂  It will also be beneficial in that the dryer will no longer be spewing forth hot air into an already hot house.  🙂 

Poles with the cement setting.

Ready for the clothesline!

Oh, and Matt killed a little bunny.  It was so cute!  In all fairness, they have been eating all our plants.  So they must go.  Too bad. 

He was even cuter before he was dead. lol

Hopefully next year’s Memorial Day weekend will be just as productive.  🙂



  1. Hey Rebekah! I don’t know if it works for you, but Lantana is a toxic plant to herbivores so it keeps them from eating things. It actually kills sheep, cows, etc. It would probably help control your rabbit population, and they actually will not eat Lantana. (I learned this at PCBBC from Mrs. Thorp). The question is, since Lantana is a tropical plant, will it work in Delaware as a perennial plant during the summer months. It seems like it might. An idea anyway!

    Dad wants to know if Matt skinned it and if you are having it for dinner?

    • Hmm…I’ll mention that to Matt, though I must say he enjoys killing the bunnies…lol Maybe he just enjoys shooting his gun, and no we did not have it for dinner, are you kidding????!!! lol

  2. Hey…you could be the next Pioneer Woman! 😉
    City girl….redhead…except Matt isn’t a cowboy lol…

    • lol Except I might have to learn to cook amazing meals and make my own recipes and stuff. And somehow I don’t think I have the writing skills…lol

      • You could start by learning how to cook rabbit lol 😉

        • lol I guess so. But I’m not sure that little baby bunny would have had enough meat to make it worthwhile anyways. 🙂

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