Posted by: Becka | June 18, 2011


There is just something about that name.  I rarely call my dad, “Daddy,” anymore, but when I do call him that, it brings back fond memories of time with my dad. 

To list a few:

1)  My daddy is strong.  I remember when my dad would “wrestle” with us kids.  Looking back it wasn’t really wrestling.  It was a great game though.  My dad would lie on his back on the floor and my sister and I (and later my brother too) would try to pin my dad’s legs and arms down on the floor.  No sooner would we get one “pinned” down, and the other leg would pop up in the air off the floor!  No matter how hard we tried, we were no match for daddy’s strength. He could lift both (or all three) of us at the same time! 

2)  My daddy is athletic.  Many a summer evening would be spent playing baseball or football.  I do remember one time that I got distracted and my dad accidentally hit me in the eye with a softball!  He felt terrible, but it really was my own fault.  lol  He taught me how to play tennis as well.  Oh, and one can’t forget basketball.  To his credit, I never had a great desire to learn, but I can still hear him saying, “Don’t shoot like a girl, shoot like this….no….like this.”  🙂

3)  My daddy is funny.  The rest of my family will roll their eyes at this, but God gave me my father’s sense of humor…and his gift for joke-telling.  🙂  I often found my dad hilarious.  I have a feeling that he often said things just to see if I would laugh at them. 

4)  My daddy is a good spiritual leader.  My dad was and is a great example of a godly man.  I often would accidentally interrupt his devotions in the morning.  I knew that no matter what, we were going to church on Sunday and Wednesday.  I was taught godly principles through his life.  He not only taught in his speech, he taught in his walk.

5)  My daddy is a peacemaker.  My dad always hated fighting (who really likes it?), but he went one step further.  He would try to make peace.  He had such a gentle way of ending arguments, that you hardly realized he was doing it until the argument was starting to dissipate.  It’s really quite amazing. 

6)  My daddy is loving.  My dad was never shy about telling me he loved me or giving me a hug.  He never liked cuddling too much because it “made him hot.”  Since I’ve been married, I’ve learned this is a guy thing.  lol  However, he never made me feel unloved.  I knew no matter what, my dad was there for me and he loved me.

7)  My daddy is handy.  My dad can fix anything.  Okay, maybe not anything, but it sure seems like it.  When I was a kid, there were very few times we had anything done by someone else.  My dad fixed the cars, fixed the plumbing, fixed…well anything that needed fixing.  I learned many skills from my dad.  I learned how to change the oil in my car, I learned how to be a good mechanic’s assistant (“Hand me the vise grips…”), I learned how to drywall and spackle, I learned how to paint a room neatly with few drips on the carpet (we will not talk about my skills in keeping my clothes neat while painting), I learned how to “jury-rig” things, and I learned about life.  I’m so thankful that my husband is so multi-talented too!  🙂  They say you marry a guy like your dad…..

8)  My daddy is smart.  He is amazing at math.  I only got a small portion of his math brain.  lol  It would never fail that he would have an answer to any math problem I brought to him.  And some problems I brought to him were solved with math, even though I didn’t realize they were a math problem!  I believe this math brain of his also lends to his amazing ability to pack things so tightly and nicely that there is not one centimeter of wasted space.  This was especially evident on vacations.  I remember one time we were going camping.  We had 5 of us, and only a little two-door 1991 Toyota Tercel.  5 suitcases, 5 sleeping bags, a tent, all of the necessary camping equipment.  He fit every piece in the trunk and luggage carrier.  Granted, we did have to sit on the un-rolled sleeping bags, but that almost made it more comfortable.  🙂  I still have no idea how he managed to fit it all in there (that trunk was miniscule).


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!  You are the best dad a girl could ever wish for.  I love you!



  1. I love this post…It brings back all the wonderful memories 🙂 I love my daddy!



    ps could you get another pic for me. or tell me how to get another pic

    • I love you too, Daddy! Emailing you about the pictures. 🙂

  3. 9) Your daddy is very photogenic!

    • That is very true! lol

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