Posted by: Becka | July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

I love, love, love Independence Day.  Something about rooting for my country with other patriotic souls stirs me.  I bust out my patriotic music and every piece of patriotic clothing and jewelry I own. 

As a result, 4th of July weekend is generally marvelous.  🙂  This past weekend was no exception.  Saturday commenced with awaking earlier than planned (not really a bad thing) and getting my grocery shopping done.  I hate grocery shopping, but when my husband takes me, it makes it more bearable.  🙂  Besides, riding around in the Jeep with the top down…totally makes up for any unpleasantness caused by the needed grocery shopping.  🙂 

After shopping we rode around southern Delaware for a couple of hours, stopping at various nurseries and discussing the future landscaping of our house.  We have big grand plans.  I’m so excited.  It was really hot though, and even though we arrived home in the early afternoon, I was already sunburned from the short period of time in direct sunlight.  No worries.  I took a nice long nap to counteract my sunburn.  lol

Spotted at one of the nurseries. lol Made me laugh.

Sunday we had a special choir presentation at church, which made it fun to display my patriotic-ness at church.

I LOVED these drinking straws!

Monday, after some normal chores, we went to a cookout at the Johnson’s/Gutshall’s.  So fun.  We had amazing burgers, lots of flies, accompanied by tons of shooting.  Yes, shooting.  Targets were set up and we even had a shooting contest.  Out of the 6 people, I came in…well, I don’t know really.  On the first round, you had 5 shot to hit 5 targets.  4 of us hit all 5, and Lydia and I hit 4 of the 5 targets.  On the second round, it was 3 shots for 3 small targets.  Rachel, Zeke, and Matt all hit all three; Lydia and I hit 2 out of 3; Tom hit 1.  So yeah, I guess that places me at second…lol  It was fun though.

We didn’t go anywhere to watch fireworks since we will be seeing some this weekend.  Yay!



  1. I think this was the first 4th of July that I have spent NOT watching fireworks. Crazy. But I can’t say that I missed them much, we were having fun at camp =)
    PS, yep, we redheaded, blue-eyed, white chicks are definitely born patriotic 😉

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