Posted by: Becka | July 12, 2011

Gettysburg – 4th Anniversary Trip

Gettysburg was amazing.  My husband did a really awesome job of making this trip unforgettable.  As is our custom, he reserved a place for us to stay (a surprise for me).  It was a beautiful Bed and Breakfast.  We had a nice, comfy room on the third floor.  Very enjoyable.

The first touristy thing we did was to visit the Schriver House.  It is a house in the middle of town that gives the townspeople point of view of the Battle of Gettysburg.  It was taken over by the Confederates and used as a cover for some of their snipers.  The most impressive thing to me was that in 2004, a man with CSI did some tests and found blood from a couple of snipers that were killed while in the attic of the house.  It was kinda cool.

After we got settled in, we drove out of town a little ways to see this cool covered bridge.  Too bad it had reflectors…kinda killed the pictures.  🙂 

Thursday night, we went out for dinner for our anniversary to a place called Dobbin House.  The building was built in 1775 and later turned into a restaurant.  The restaurant didn’t change the layout of the house, so there are rooms everywhere that people dine in.  We were in the Spinning Room.  The entire house was decorated in period furniture and tools.  The dishes were period style dishes (not sure if they were actual period dishes), and the “servants,” as they were called, dressed in period clothing.  Since it was to be a historical experience, our table was lit only by candlelight.  Oh, and the food was pretty yummy as well.  🙂

Friday morning, we started off in the Museum.  We watched the movie on the civil war (with emphasis on Gettysburg), and visited the Cyclorama, which is a 377 foot long (made to match up in a circle) oil painting.  It was incredible.  I forget the exact year, but it was painted sometime in the late 1800s.  A few veterans of the battles of Gettysburg mentioned that is was a picture as close to the real thing as was possible.  Regardless, it was amazing. 

After a couple of hours in the museum, we hired a guide.  Dean drove our car, and took us around the battlefield explaining what happened where and how and when.  It really made the whole picture of the battle come together nicely. 

Saturday, we went around the park taking pictures (which we didn’t have much time for when the guide took us around). 

After covering most of the battlefield, Matt surprised me with a horseback ride through a portion of the battlefield.  My horse’s name was Daisy.  She plodded along like she was really tired.  lol  And tried to stop and eat the grass a couple of times.   Matt’s horse was named Dream.  His horse was really dreamy too.  Didn’t pay attention to a thing going on.  lol  Matt said that Dream ran into the horse in front of him about 5 times.  🙂

We stopped by the Evergreen Cemetery (it was there when the battle took place) and  Soldier’s National Cemetery after a nice picnic lunch.  We finally found the area for Delaware (with the help of a nice Park Ranger).

Oldest tombstone we could read in Evergreen Cemetery. 1835

Saturday evening, we visited with Amanda and Andy.  We watched the fireworks for their town that evening.  It was one of the longest fireworks shows I’ve ever seen.  I kept thinking it was ending, and they would go on and on.  The entire show was actually 30 minutes long!  lol  It was enjoyable though.  After church on Sunday morning, we headed back home! 

It was such a wonderful trip and I learned so much!  Now, to label all these battlefield pictures before I forget what I was looking at.  🙂  If you’d like to see the other 300 pictures that I didn’t post here, you can click here.  🙂



  1. Looks like a ton of fun 🙂

  2. Yay for vacations! Glad you had a fun time =)

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