Posted by: Becka | September 12, 2011

My Steal of the Weekend

I must say that I hesitated at first when signing up for AE Rewards.  I don’t know why, it’s just a rewards card.  Not a credit card.  I have only used it twice since signing up, but it has been totally worth it. 

Last week, in honor of my birthday, AE Rewards emailed me a coupon for “a free gift up to $50.”  Really?  I was so surprised and didn’t really trust it at first.  They’re going to give me something from their store for up to $50?  No way. 

I carefully read through the fine print.  No purchase necessary (I was at least expecting a minimum purchase…you know $50 off if you spend $100 or something like that). 

I excitedly took my coupon in to AE and proceeded to pick out something I would never buy at full price.  I’m sorry, but $45 for a skirt is just not practical. 

I brought my few purchases up to the register and presented my coupon.  It took them about 10 minutes to figure out how to make it work and I was asked a few questions like, “Where did I get the coupon?” and finally, the transaction went through!  I got a $45 skirt for FREE!  It was awesome.  I paid a total of $6.98 for my other purchases. 

We went down the strip mall to Aerie.  They were having a 30% off sale on sweaters.  Rachel had given me a 20% off entire purchase coupon.  I found a beautiful sweater that matched my new skirt! 

Presented my coupon, got the $40 sweater at half off…  Really, and an entire new outfit for $22?  You really can’t beat that.

Love my new skirt!

Once it gets cool enough, I’ll be able to actually wear them together!  For Sunday, I’ll improvise with pieces from my closet to match the skirt.  🙂



  1. Don’t you love a good deal? Cute outfit!

    • I DO love a good deal! Who doesn’t? 🙂 And thanks…can’t wait to wear it! lol

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