Posted by: Becka | September 26, 2011

Our Newest Turtle

Sometime in mid-August, Matt found this little guy while going through our woodpile.  Matt had been cutting away portions of a huge log and when he finally rolled the log, he found this little turtle underneath.

Matt was going to take him to school, but just never got around to setting the tank up.  So, this little turtle has resided in our house in a bucket for the last month and a half. 

He tried many times, unsuccessfully, to escape.  He made weird scraping noises, too.  lol  A couple of times I went in search of the strange noises only to realize it was just the turtle. 

Sadly, in all her time with us, this turtle didn’t have a name.  Until the other night, while Matt and I were watching TV, that the perfect name came to us.  Chainsaw.  So, meet sweet, unassuming, CHAINSAW!  lol  I love it. 

Today I finally took Chainsaw out to the “turtle habitat.”  I’m sure she’ll be much happier there.  She won’t have to spend all her time trying to get out, either.  🙂 

Lightning was close by today when I was showing Chainsaw her new home, so I introduced them.  I think Chainsaw was a little intimidated by Lightning with his bright colors and large size.  🙂  I knew that Chainsaw was little, but seeing them next to each other made her seem really small. 

This makes a total of 4 turtles that we have:  Chainsaw, Abbot, Lightning, and Pelè.  However, when I got to work this morning, my coworker had brought along a box turtle that her family had found over the weekend.  So, it looks like very shortly to be 5 turtles!  Pretty soon, I won’t see them again until Spring.  Once it starts getting cold, they go underground.  I’m sure they’ll miss me.  lol


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