Posted by: Becka | September 28, 2011

The Scariest Turtle of Them All

Meet Jabba the Hutt, the newest addition to our turtle family.  Jabba was found along the roadside by my coworker, who in turn gave him to me.  While his colors are vibrant and beautiful, he has to be the ugliest box turtle I’ve seen so far.  He’s really mean looking.  Thankfully, so far he doesn’t seem to be living up to his tough image.  He must be like those guys who look so mean, but once you start talking to them, you find they are really nice and seemingly harmless.  lol 

But those eyes!  Aaagh!  Those eyes get me every time.  Red eyes that kinda stare at you in a creepy sort of way.  lol Okay, not really staring.  With red eyes like that, he has to be a male turtle.  Wow.  Creepy.

Besides his attempt to escape the box in the dining room last night, Jabba has been a relatively calm turtle.  He did hiss at me this morning when I got him out of his box, but I’m pretty sure I woke him up.  If someone did that to me, I’d probably hiss too.  lol

He’s really big too!  After spending so much time with Chainsaw in our house, even Lightning seemed big to me.  Jabba is definitely bigger than Lightning. 

In fact, when putting Jabba in the turtle habitat, I happened to spy Pelè, who was not happy to see me.  He hissed at me too…hmmm…maybe this wasn’t my morning with turtles.  I tried to introduce Pelè and Jabba, but Pelè must have been in a grumpy mood because he immediately hid in his shell after hissing at me again.  And no, neither I nor Jabba pushed him off the bark.  He crawled off all on his own right before disappearing into his shell.

Pretty sure, though, that Jabba is even bigger than Pelè!  Pelè was previously the biggest turtle.  Not anymore.  Jabba is the winner!



  1. Haha you and all your turtles crack me up. I can’t wait till you have lots of little baby turtles and your neighbors start to wonder who is breeding all the neighborhood turtles =P

    • lol I was thinking if they did breed, we could probably sell the baby turtles as pets… We’ll have to see. 🙂

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