Posted by: Becka | October 13, 2011

Why It’s Good to Make Sure the Box is Empty

Sunday night after church, a group of us went to hang out at McDonald’s.  It was a total blast.  And then something happened that I hope I never forget.  Rachel was telling us about some song in a movie and decided to demonstrate.  She grabbed the “empty” chicken nuggets box from off of Karen’s plate, and sang part of the song.

Then, without warning, slammed the nugget box on her forehead.  Just thinking and writing about it starts the laughter all over again.  The force caused the BBQ sauce in the box to coat her hair.  I haven’t laughed that hard in…a long time.  I was crying and I couldn’t breathe…..  Way too funny.  Love good memories like that.

Please forgive the poor quality of the picture…I was laughing too hard to do a proper job.  🙂



  1. lol…this post cracked me up…bummer you didn’t get it on video 🙂

    • hahaha, if only I had known that was going to happen…

  2. HAHAHAHAHA that is so some thing she would do LOL LOL

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