Posted by: Becka | October 31, 2011

Rainy Weekend

I had a very uneventful weekend that ended up being super fun, not to mention relaxing.  One of the more perfect weekends.  It rained all day on Saturday (with a little freezing rain thrown in around nightfall).  This was especially humorous to me as I got out of bed on Saturday (about an hour later than my husband), and Matt was already bored!  lol  I laughed and laughed and then helped him out by giving him some things to do.  🙂  He did end up doing at least one thing that I suggested.  lol

The rain let up for a while, so Matt convinced me to go with him to look at some properties.  It was actually kind of fun to go traipsing around in the mud and rain.  lol  Okay, but it was soooooo cold.  And I even layered.

We also took some time that evening to play with Matt’s new game: Star Wars Operation.  It was a riot because Matt would yell every time the buzzer would go off.  Once he yelled when I set the buzzer off.  Hilarious.

He also graciously served as a “model” for my most recent crochet project.  He was such a good sport and a great help.  He probably tried on that hat about 12 or more times on Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks, Matt!

By the way, I’m super proud of this project as I made the pattern up myself, and it looks pretty good!  If you want to buy one, visit Warming the Heart!



  1. I love that last pic!!!!!!!

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