Posted by: Becka | November 7, 2011


This past weekend, I entertained for the largest group in my life.  🙂  11 people total.  I think I don’t entertain much (as far as have people over for dinner) because I don’t really enjoy cooking that much.  However, I tried to pick a meal that required little preparation, and besides the rice being way overly sticky, everything turned out well.  I got compliments and requests for my recipe even!  Wow.  Rarely happens to me.  lol

It was so much fun hanging out with friends.  I can’t express how much fun that night was.  Full of laughter, screaming and laughing children, good food, and fun games.  I might have to do it again sometime soon.  🙂



  1. Hey, wasn’t that MY recipe??? 😉 (or my mom’s lol)

    • My recipe now! 🙂 bwahahahaha. 😉

      • Psh, that’s the last time I share anything with YOU. hahaha jk =) (I love how we always “fight” over this recipe, try to sell it, etc haha)

        • It does make this recipe even more interesting than would otherwise be the case. 🙂 Besides, now that I saw it online, maybe I CAN claim it as mine. hahahha 😉

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