Posted by: Becka | November 16, 2011


In the past few weeks, a sad thing happened to my iron:

I was sad because this iron and I have been through a lot together.  He was first used by Jennifer and I in our Wisconsin apartment.  He moved with me to Delaware and has pressed numerous articles of clothing.  I knew he was getting de-pressed, because it would take all kinds of wiggling in the outlet to get him to light up.  Then he broke.  I was still able to get him to light up by some very careful maneuvering, but alas, it was time to replace him. 

Meet my new friend:

He is pretty cool.  It is hard picking out a new iron friend.  New irons are never quite the same as your old one.  After some deliberation and actively pushing buttons and determining weight and size, I finally decided on one. 

Apparently, most irons now have a self-cleaning button.  I was a little apprehensive about getting an electric temperature control, but so far I like it.  It even has a little place that tells you when the iron is hot, and when the iron is cool, that little indicator is plain black instead of bright red. 

I also really liked the shape of the iron plate:

As you can see, it’s slightly larger than my old iron.  We’re still adjusting to one another, but hopefully this friend will not be getting de-pressed any time in the next several years.



  1. You broke our iron??? Gasp. I loved that thing. lol

    • lol I did not break it. It broke itself….I think. lol At least I wasn’t pulling the cord out by it’s cord. So, I really don’t know why it broke like that!

  2. Heartbreak…it misses WI 😉

    • 😀 Highly possible.

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