Posted by: Becka | February 14, 2012

Winter Retreat 2012

This past weekend, we took our youth group on the annual Winter Retreat overnight trip.  It was a blast.  I didn’t get to ride the bus this year, as Matt and I had to go up there early because of a family situation.  However, as a result of going up early, I got to hold my nephew practically all day.  I love that little guy!

We took a group of 28 teens and 6 chaperones (including us).  It was a great group of kids, and I was so proud of how well they behaved.  They seemed to have a blast, and it was one of the best Winter Retreats so far.

We had fun in the game room:

Playing paintball:

Hanging out:

Some also participated in the volleyball and basketball tournaments, but I wasn’t around to get pictures of that.  🙂

On Friday night, it started snowing!  It was so exciting to be out in the snowfall.  Unfortunately, during a snowball fight, one of the girls stepped in a hole and hurt her foot badly.  As a result, Matt and I spent a good portion of the night in the Emergency Room.  It was a huge blessing that we had our car there instead of just the bus.  The ER Doctor said that her foot wasn’t broken (she went for a second opinion though – haven’t heard as of yet if it’s the same outcome). 

It continued snowing throughout the night and we woke up to a beautiful world covered in snow.  It was so gorgeous! 

Teens ran around pelting each other with snowballs. 

Some carried theirs around for a while, waiting for the perfect opportunity…

There was even a chance for some tubing as a result of the snow!  Fun stuff.

The speaker, Ryan Dupee, did a great job of bringing challenging messages.  He helped me and I hope some of the teens, see the big picture of who God is. 

We had forgotten to take a group picture at the camp, so we decided to take one at our McDonald’s stop.  It made me laugh as I heard some other teens as they were leaving say, “Hey!  Field trip to McDonald’s!” 

For more pictures, click here!



  1. Aww, I LOVE the snow pictures! Gorgeous!

    • Thanks!

  2. Who got hurt?

    • Hannah Fay… 🙂 Surprised? lol

      • Nope not at all. lol

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