Posted by: Becka | February 24, 2012


While shopping at Wal-Mart yesterday, something caught my eye.  Generally, I try not to be an impulse buyer, but yesterday….well, I saw something I just had to have.

This nail polish.  Now, I have never bought Revlon brand polish before.  The only real reason for this is that it’s with the Revlon makeup and not in the nail polish aisle.  🙂  However, this color was made just for me!  It’s glittery, it’s turquoise… what more could I ask for?  Not only is it a beautiful color, but it is so smooth!  Sometimes glitter polishes leave your nails feeling rough, but not this one. 

I painted my nails last night with 2 gray coats before applying my new magic glitter (the name of the color is “Radiant”).

Ok, yeah that’s a bad pic.  Here’s a closer one:

Sigh, it looks so messy.  It’s not that messy in person (as your face is not that close to my fingernails).  However, I do want to point out the gloriously large pieces of glitter.  This nail polish is definitely a new favorite.

I might have to buy more of these glitter polishes (yes, there were other colors).


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