Posted by: Becka | April 24, 2012

Couple’s Retreat

This past weekend, Matt and I attended Couple’s Retreat at Camp Calvary.  It was great fun.  We left a little early on Friday so that we could stop by and see Amanda and Eli.  Andy got off work a little early, so we were able to see him also!

We got settled in our nice little “cozy cabin,” which really was nice and cozy.  🙂  Of course, being there in the summer, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  After settling in, we took a little hike around the Camp looking at different trees and Matt trying to identify them.  Matt saw a tree that had been cut down and wanted to see how old it is, and it almost resulted in us getting poison ivy!  lol  I’m not that great at identifying it yet (poison oak is a snap), and Matt didn’t mention that it was there, and I walked right through it!  Thankfully, neither of us got it.

We had a “candlelight dinner” which was more of a group event than a couple event, but had a great time teasing Mr. N about the “mixers.”  He wasn’t so sure about “mixing.”  lol  Funny thing, is that he and his wife won the mixer out of the 80 or so couples there. 

After the first session, there was a variety of things to do.  So, Matt and I took a wagon ride around camp, roasted marshmallows at the campfire, and then went stargazing.  The stargazing was awesome!  They had some really powerful telescopes there, and I got to see Mars and Saturn!  The telescope magnified it so much that I could even see the rings around Saturn and two of it’s moons.  It really was quite amazing.

During our breaks between sessions on Saturday,  Matt and I went to see the baby ducklings.  A duck had her babies in the camp pool (instead of the pond this year), and there were 14 little ducklings swimming around.  They were so adorable!

In the afternoon, Matt and I and some friends went to the Activity Center.  While the guys climbed the rock walls, we hung out in the cargo net.  After rock wall climbing, we played some ping-pong, foosball, and pool.  It was all great fun.  (I really stink at pool though – I think I needa lot more practice).

During dinner, it started pouring!  Since we were leaving right after dinner, most of our drive home was rather wet.  However, in spite of this, we made really good time in getting home. 

It was a great weekend, filled with laughter, fun, and Bible teaching.  I learned some neat things and enjoyed spending the time with my husband.



  1. I like that picture of you in the net =)

    • Thanks! 🙂

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