Posted by: Becka | May 21, 2012


A couple of weekends ago, Matt and I attended a cookout with our church group.  It was the perfect day for such an activity as the weather was gorgeous! 

We ate some really good food and hung out with friends:

Played a lot of frisbee (and some volleyball):

Took a short stroll through the woods:

And Matt showed me what the actual blooms on the tulip poplar trees looked like.

Highlight of the Day?  Matt telling everyone we ran into after that, “She’s quite the little frisbee player.”  I guess I impressed him.  😉



  1. 🙂 lol what a sweet husband! I guess all those evenings of playing frisbee on the bombsite payed off! 🙂

    • lol and Dad always saying, “No. Try holding it this way…”

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