Posted by: Becka | June 27, 2012

Cheater’s Tie Dye

In my quest for great teen crafts for work, I came across this technique that I call Cheater Tie Dyeing.  The effects of this technique result in a tie dye look, without as much mess or time.

– T-Shirt (light-colored, preferably white)
– A Glass or Solo Cup
– Rubber Bands
– Sharpie markers in a variety of colors
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Eye Dropper or something similar

To do this technique, simply place the cup on the inside of the t-shirt where you want your design to go.  Rubber band the cup in place, stretching the t-shirt across the top of the cup, effectively creating a canvas.

Color designs with the Sharpie markers in the prepared area.  Using the eye dropper, apply several drops of alcohol on the design.  Watch as the design spreads! 

Let the rubbing alcohol dry mostly before moving the cup to another area. 

Before wearing, heat set the colors by either ironing the shirt or throwing it in the dryer (I skipped this step due to time constraints and my colors faded a little when I washed it).

Tada!  Wear your artwork with pride.

Tip:  The smell of sharpies and rubbing alcohol can get a little overwhelming, so make sure you have a well ventilated room, or better yet, do this project outside. 

Also, beware!  This project is addicting.  As is evidenced by my shirt.  🙂

As a teen program, it was a huge success.  We had 10 teens show up and they all enjoyed it!

I found this project at The Art Girl Jackie.



  1. Looks fun!

  2. Cute!

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