Posted by: Becka | July 24, 2012

St. Louis – Day 2

The first big thing we did while in St. Louis is visit the St. Louis Zoo.  Not only is the zoo world-renowned, it’s free!  We didn’t even have to pay for parking as we found a nice spot only three blocks from the zoo entrance.

It was a super hot day, but we enjoyed the zoo just the same.  We finally did buy tram tickets so that we didn’t have to walk quite as much in the intense heat.

My favorite three sights of the day were the hippos:

the Elephants:

and the Penguins (mostly because the penguin house felt soooo good!):

When we got back to our car, the thermostat read 112°!  Of course, once we started moving that cooled down to a balmy 108°.  😀

That evening we went to downtown to watch the fireworks.  Let me tell you, the crowd was something else!  It was ridiculous (which is why it took us about an hour to get out of the parking garage).  However, the show was really fun and it was cool how they timed the fireworks with the various patriotic songs they played.

The announcer said that St. Louis had the best fireworks show in the country, but after seeing the fireworks at Slaughter Beach, I beg to differ.  Matt even said, “They have nothing on Slaughter Beach.”  🙂



  1. Yeah how can you label a fireworks show the “best” in the country? Best by whose definition? lol. Did they sell tickets to watch the show from inside the arch? I bet that would be a pretty interesting vantage point!

    • I think the Arch might have still been open, but I’m unsure about how that worked. And I was thinking the same thing about their claim. 🙂

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