Posted by: Becka | August 9, 2012

Adventures in Garbage Duty

Well, apparently, I am not meant to take the garbage anywhere EVER.  Last night, Matt decided to take the Jeep to VBS and loaded our full trash cans on the back of it.  We always dump our trash at his parents house.  Because he had decided to drive the Jeep, this caused a minor problem:  we only had two seats available and we were supposed to pick up his mom for VBS (which is probably why he thought of taking the trash in the first place).  Thankfully, she lives practically across the street from the church.  Since Matt is in charge of running VBS, he needed to be there early, so I volunteered to run over and get his mom.  First mistake.  We drop Matt off, I walk around and hop (the steps are gone on his Jeep and I was wearing a shorter skirt, thus preventing me from getting in like a normal person) into the driver’s seat.  I drive to the end of the driveway, and the traffic was pretty heavy, so when I see a gap, I shoot for it.  Only here’s the problem.  One of the trash cans fell into the road, spilling trash everywhere.  This not only caused a huge traffic jam, but it was rather frustrating and embarrassing.  I blame the trash falling on a combination of my erratic driving and the fact that AJ seriously rocked the Jeep all over the place when we first arrived.  He rocked it so hard, I thought he was going to tip it! Almost. 

Anyways, I pull into the other driveway of church, walk over, pick up the trash and carry the trash can to the grass.  I then proceeded to attempt to drag it to the Jeep.  Yeah, only it kept hitting my foot and my shoe kept coming off.  I could have carried it, but I was all dressed for VBS and really had no desire to hold a garbage can close to my body. 

I finally get to the Jeep, and strapped on the trash cans to the best of my ability.  I wiggled them around a good deal to ensure they wouldn’t fall of, and proceeded, very slowly this time, out of the parking lot  for the second time. 

Here is where my evening took a huge turn for the worse (as if it wasn’t there already)…turn being the operative word.  As I turned out of the parking lot, BOTH the trash cans fell off into the middle of the road causing yet another traffic jam.

At this point, I pulled out my phone, and called Matt to tell him to “Get out here right now and put your trash cans on this Jeep securely!”  Only, lucky for him, he didn’t answer (in his defense, he tried to call me right back, but I was already in the middle of the road picking up refuse).

This nice old man stopped his car and helped me pick up the trash before proceeding on his merry way.  Then, a nice man from my church, who was pulling into the parking lot, stopped to congratulate me on how helpful I was being in picking up random garbage.  That is, until he realized it was Matt’s garbage (I am not laying any claim to this escapade).  He kindly helped me strap them back on, and watched me proceed slowly to my mother-in-law’s house. 

By the time the cans were strapped back on the Jeep, I was in tears.  It was not a fun experience.  I get to Matt’s mom’s house, and she says, “Oh you brought the trash.  Good.”

Too which I replied, in tears, “No.  It’s not good.”

It took me 15 minutes to get across the street!

I deposited the cans at her house.  No way was I going to attempt to drive back to the church with those things on there. 

Matt thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious, all the while patting my shoulder and telling me that he was sorry.  Looking back, I can see the humor in the situation, but I never ever want a repeat.  In his defense, he was as sympathetic as possible while laughing the entire time.

What I can’t understand is how Matt can whip out of our driveway at home and the trash stays put, but when I go not even near as fast out of the church parking lot, trash goes everywhere.  Sigh.  Matt tried to tell me it was all about physics, but I was not listening to him.  lol  All I know, is that I will never do garbage duty again if it can be helped at all.  🙂



  1. ahaha, I love how you ‘always dump your trash at his parents house’ =) and Matt WOULD try to explain the physics lol. Awww, sorry it happened but yeah, now you do have a good story to tell =)

    • Yeah wasn’t fun or funny while it was happening, but soon it will just be funny. Right now, it’s still rather annoying. lol

  2. Oh, I’m laughing at this! Only because it sounds like something that would happen to me (and for the record, I would have also been in tears). The part about the man thanking you for picking up random garbage…LOL!

  3. Just remembered a few years ago I had to drive my hubby’s old beater pickup to work for some reason or the other & he had firewood in the back…only the tailgate wouldn’t close. He had been riding around with the wood in the back for a few days & assured me it wasn’t going anywhere. I have to make a U-turn on the highway to get into the parking lot at work & yup, firewood went tumbling out the back, rolling down the highway. Thank the Lord, it went rolling off in the shoulder & NOT into oncoming traffic, but gathering firewood, at 8:30 a.m., in your work clothes, along Rt. 113 does not make for a cheerful wife. 🙂

    • I feel your pain! 🙂

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