Posted by: Becka | September 21, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Okay, so I’m really behind in blogging.  Hopefully that means lots of blog posts in the near future so that I can get caught up!

Memorial Day weekend was really great!  We started with attending Big Saturday (the annual town-wide yard sale in our town).  We came home with some great buys, one of which was a new water bowl for our dog.  He seemed to really like it.  🙂

Matt’s sister and her family came down for the weekend.  So, on Sunday afternoon they brought their dog over to meet and play with our dog.  Let’s just say our dog really liked him.  Apollo didn’t quite know what to make of this overly zealous stranger dog.  🙂  In the end, they both had a least a little bit of fun.  🙂


On Monday, we attended a big cookout out our friend’s house.  The food was amazing!  🙂

hahahah the face I got when I told him to say “cheese.” lol

After some great fellowship, some of headed back into the woods to do some shooting.  I pretty much was awesome with the Mac.  🙂

My groupings with the Mac. Told you I was awesome. 🙂 That guy no longer has an eye.



It was an enjoyable and fun-filled weekend!


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