Posted by: Becka | October 20, 2012

Trash Cans?

For a laugh of a different sort, check out my previous post on Garbage Duty.

The other night, I awoke to the sound and movement of my husband shifting positions.  I may or may not have been responsible for this shift.  Regardless, he rolls onto his back and the following ensues:

Matt: Well….are you aware of the trash cans?

Me: (What in the world is he talking about.  Wait, is he asleep?  He never talks that clearly in his sleep.  I wonder if he’ll talk back!) Umm….no.

Matt:  Interesting

Me: ……Are you awake?

Matt:  (Shudders and makes noises like he generally does when I wake him up.)  Yes.

Me:  Are you really awake?

Matt:  Yes

Me:  What was that all about?

Matt:  I was asking if you were aware of breast cancer.

Me:  You said “trash cans.”

Matt:  I did not.

Me:  Yes, you did.

Matt: Oh that’s funny (as he laughs).

Me:  Nice try. (Leaving the room to go downstairs and thinking he was awake).

Next evening at 9:30pm….Matt doesn’t remember any of it.


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