Posted by: Becka | November 1, 2012

Harvest Party and New Friends

Last Friday, Matt and I attended a Harvest Party.  We were invited by friends of friends, so we didn’t know very many people there.  It ended up being a fun and pleasant evening and I was happy that we had decided to go.

As it was a costume party, I decided to go as Pippi Longstocking.  It was awfully fun getting my costume together and rather difficult trying to do my hair and makeup in the Jeep (which has no interior mirrors except the rearview mirror).  lol  Thankfully, my makeup wasn’t too bad for having no mirror.  🙂

Matt didn’t dress up, though he did say that he was going to take off his wedding ring and go as a single guy. Obviously that wasn’t going to happen. lol

My friend won the prize for best costume dressed as Cleopatra.  🙂

I especially enjoyed the floating lanterns we did.  🙂  They were so beautiful!

I found it hilarious that both Matt and Rachel (both teachers) immediately started reading all the directions.

And this is what happens when your friend borrows your camera:



  1. UFOs! ;P

    • 🙂

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