Posted by: Becka | February 1, 2013

The Return of Monster Mouse

Sigh.  Monster mouse has not dared to show his face again, however, he has left behind distinct evidence that he has been around.  Judging by his exploits, he has earned his name of “Fatso.”  He is aptly named and quite possibly has a sweet tooth.

I know for a fact that this bag was full yesterday morning and I’m highly suspicious that it was full when I got home from work around 7 pm.  However, this is how I found it at 11 pm:

February 014

February 015


I had only eaten approximately 7 marshmallows out of this bag.  Apparently, Fatso felt the need to stock up on some sweets.  While I wouldn’t really have loved to see him (because he’s a little freaky), it would have been rather funny to see him stealing all those marshmallows.  He was fast!  And sneaky!  He didn’t leave any other evidence behind that he had been ON MY KITCHEN TABLE except for this empty bag!  lol  He really needs to die.  🙂

So, then this morning, I’m thoroughly cleaning my kitchen, and I come across this scene:

February 017

February 018


Sigh, Fatso was really on a rampage.  Again, the only evidence left behind are these dried peas all over my counter and the whopping hole in the bag.  lol  Pretty sure Fatso is a special “mouse” as the rest of the mice I’ve ever had the misfortune to know have never made this much mess.

We placed some glue traps around the house.  Here’s hoping that he gets stuck soon.  And unlike my friend, I will not be putting any peanut butter-like substances on said sticky traps (though Matt teasingly suggested we put a Reese’s cup :)).

I’m really hoping Fatso stays away from the rest of my food.  Otherwise, my grocery bill is going to start to grow!



  1. You know if you caught him and kept him as a pet you could control how much he eats and never give him sweats…
    maybe then he would scare away all the other mice too.

    • Umm…that was a terrible suggestion. lol I do not want a pet mouse. Ohh..but maybe the snake will eat him! 😉 Of course, I’d have to wait for spring for that…nope. Too long. lol

      • Then get a pet snake, then you wont have to wait till spring

        • You don’t have good suggestions….lol 😉

  2. I am looking for a guinea pig but -hey- I would take Fatso!
    But I am not sure if he would survive in Germany because we don’t have HeartMallows over here

    • lol You can have him! Although, I have a feeling that the only way I could catch him and send him that way is if he were dead. Not too sure you’d want a dead Fatso. 😉

  3. I caught up on a your posts while lying here in bed haha. This iPhone is bad for me! I still say get a cat but I know u don’t like that idea;)

    • I’d only want the cat long enough to catch my rat…but do cats even catch “large mice?” hahaha Because, if I were a cat, I think I’d be scared of a critter that was that big…lol

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