Posted by: Becka | February 5, 2013

Monster Mouse the Cunning

Fatso, the Monster Mouse, strikes again!  He is proving to be a royal pain.  Judging by his food and beverage choices, he might just be a little stuck up!  He might need a new name of Monster Mouse the Cunning.  However, I will not allow myself to be outsmarted for long!

A couple of nights ago, we noticed that he had been nibbling on our trash bag.  In an effort to outsmart him, instead of removing the trash bag, we placed the glue traps around the areas he had already nibbled.

Alas, he was too smart for us.  He really wanted that tea!  He somehow managed to destroy the trash bags, feast on my used tea bags and scamper away without getting caught!  Too smart for my own good.  Sigh.  The worst part is, when I was on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I heard some suspicious noises.  So, instead of wandering through my house in the dark (as is my norm), I actually turned some lights on.  I know for a fact that only one of the spots on the trash bag had been broken open at that point.  I should have moved the traps over a little.  But I was really tired and not wanting to deal with it.  In hindsight, I should have just moved it anyways, because turning on the lights awoke me enough that I couldn’t fall back to sleep for another hour.  Dumb.

February 040

February 042

I cleaned up his mess this morning, and put some marshmallows in the middle of the glue traps.  Since I know he likes marshmallows, maybe he’ll fall for that.



  1. Lol this is crazy!

    • I know. I’m disappointed at how smart he is! lol

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