Posted by: Becka | February 6, 2013

Take That, Monster Mouse!

No new developments on Monster Mouse, but here’s hoping it won’t be long until we catch him.

February 062


Yes, those are lots of glue traps.  Yes, those are marshmallows as bait.  🙂  No, those are not all of them…many, many more are around the house.  We think we found his third point of entry now, so hopefully he doesn’t have any more ways to get in and is doomed!  🙂



  1. Have you put rat poison around as well? Couldn’t hurt to try it.

    • We are afraid that if we put rat poison out, he will die somewhere we can’t get to him (there are numerous places in our old house), and then we will have to deal with his smell for months! lol So, we are avoiding that route for now. 🙂

  2. After reading all these stories I’m beginning to think you have a Borrower or something in your house! :^)

    • lol I do blame missing items on the critters! “Where is the tv remote? The ‘mouse’ probably stole it!” It’s a great excuse and so convenient. Thought I’m pretty sure a critter actually did steal one of my missing earrings. 🙂

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