Posted by: Becka | February 14, 2013

Hard Worker

The past several months, my husband has been working on putting a fence around our property.  He’s made really good progress and is almost done with the initial fencing and then will only have the gates left to make/ put up!

The other night he was wanting me to take pictures.  I thought he wanted pictures of his progress.  Nope.  He wanted pictures of him using his tool belt:

February 180

February 189

February 190


And since I’m posting pictures of my husband (I guess this is appropriate for Valentine’s Day), I’ll continue posting them since I got some pretty neat shots of him chopping wood the other day:

February 111

February 113

February 120

February 126

February 128


He’s such a hard worker.  🙂  The love of my life!



  1. That first one looks like he’s going after your shadow😉!

    • lol I didn’t even notice! As long as it’s my shadow and not ME! 😉

  2. Onessimus (really who picks such a hard name to spell :), Anyway, he doesn’t even know how cool life’s about to become 🙂

    • He really doesn’t. He’s going to be overjoyed. lol Actually, I’m not sure he will be able to handle it! haha

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