Posted by: Becka | February 21, 2013

Somebody Catch That Dog!

Yep, you guessed it.  Our dog ran away – again.  I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t like us.  Pretty sure he just wants to play with someone while we are at work.

I got a phone call today from my husband.  He had been informed by the neighbor that our dog was running around (having the time of his life, I’m sure) and that he (the neighbor) would keep him at his house until we could get there.  Matt was tied up at work and couldn’t get away, so I got elected to go and retrieve our dog.

I hurriedly grabbed my coat, purse, and keys, and zoomed (at a reasonable rate of speed) home.  I walked across the street, and as the neighbor and her young daughter came out to greet me, I was so thankful for good neighbors!  🙂

She said she had been sitting on her couch and had seen our dog running down the road.  I’m so thankful he didn’t get hit by a car!  She said there was a “little bit” of a close call.  I’m hoping that means that no cars had to slam on their brakes, but regardless, I’m so happy he wasn’t hit!  Silly dog.

Onesimus was overly glad to see me, not realizing he already had all the fun he was allowed today.  🙂

O and I walked back to the house.  I think he knew he was in trouble.  He tried to avoid the garage.  lol  We walked in and he just stood in front of his kennel.  “Go in.”  He went in and watched me with his sad puppy dog eyes.

“Sorry bub, you had all the fun you are going to have today.”



  1. Joys of pet ownership.

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