Posted by: Becka | March 5, 2013

Shopping Center?

While at my place of employment last week, I took this phone call:

Me: (Place of business), how may I help you?

Woman:  Yes, what time do you close tonight?

Me: 8 pm.

Woman:  Thanks.  Are you still located on the main highway?

Me: Yes, we are.

Woman:  Across from that shopping center?

Me:  …..

Woman:  You know, Andy’s Pizza?

Me:  Oh, you mean Andy’s Pizza and the Cigarette Outlet?  Yes, we are.

Woman:  Thanks.

Shopping Center?!  I guess this is what our little town has to offer in the realm of shopping.  Unless you count the Dollar General farther down the road.  lol  I don’t think one store and one restaurant constitute a shopping center.  I guess maybe they do in a small town.

March 021



  1. Haha this made me laugh – my first thought was “her library isn’t located on a main highway.” =)

    • lol I guess that is a good point too, though the highway we’re on does run the length of Delaware. 😀

    • Though we ARE at a temporary location located right on the main stretch (just in case you forgot that), but compared to native Californians, no, it would not be considered a highway. haha. 🙂

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