Posted by: Becka | March 22, 2013

Skunk Under the House

…Pee-yew! ♫

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Somebody smelt it?
A:  That’s me.

Q:  When did it happen?
A:  Last night

Q:  How did it taste?
A:  Terrible.  The smell was so strong, we could literally taste it.  Not a pleasant experience.


Apparently, we have a new resident skunk.  In the middle of the night last night, I was having weird dreams about foul smelling and tasting something or other.  Eventually, the stench got so strong, that it woke me up.  It smelled (and unfortunately tasted) sooooo bad.  It made us rather sick to our stomachs.

I was praying and hoping that someone had run over a skunk and said skunk was now roadkill.  I was also praying my dog didn’t get sprayed.  Well, my dog didn’t get sprayed, so that’s good.  However, the skunk sprayed somewhere underneath my house (probably in the crawl space).  When I walked outside this morning, there was not a hint of skunk smell outside.  It was all nicely contained in my house!  This translates to a permeating smell throughout my entire house.  All of my clothing smells like skunk.  I tried to get mostly ready sequestered in the bathroom, but I can still smell skunk on my clothes, in my bags, on basically everything I own.

It’s freezing today, but I had the windows wide open this morning and walked around all morning (shopping and such with my friend) in the 40° weather with no jacket (since all my jackets smelled especially bad).  Even my scarves and hats smelled terrible.

To top things off, I missed my husband’s text requesting me to crack some windows open while we’re at work.  Sigh.  So now the smell gets to stagnate in my house, most likely permeating things further.

Now to catch this guy.  I can only hope that he sprayed the Monster Mouse and that will take care of him.  Replace one problem with another…



  1. Oh man, that’s horrible–we had exactly the same situation with our last house. Once you think you’ve got it out, plug those holes as much as you can so it never gets back. We used to hear ours fighting under our bedroom at night!!! Growling and snarling, then letting off the stench (we weren’t sure if it was two skunks or one skunk and some rats…). Anyway we feel your pain!! My aunt told us to throw mothballs under the house and the skunk would leave. I did that but then the mothballs smelled terrible too so Sean raked them all out again. I think that did actually do the trick though.

    • That’s terrible! At least with our bedroom on the second floor, we don’t hear any strange noises. 🙂

      I’m not sure it’s possible to plug up the holes. We live in a 100+ year old farm house that has some foundational issues. In order to plug up all holes, we’d have to redo the entire foundation! lol Sounds like you understand my stench problem. 🙂

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