Posted by: Becka | March 26, 2013

Fat Mouse in a Fur Coat

Monster Mouse is at it again.  At this point, we are fairly certain that Monster Mouse and Mr. Skunk were introduced to each other this past week.  They did not become friends.  The good side of this, is they are not cohabitating underneath my house (we haven’t seen Mr. Skunk since the house incident.  The funny part?  Matt took his gun around the house and property after work on Friday in hopes of spotting Mr. Skunk and killing him).  haha  The bad side…this enmity resulted in a strong stink throughout my entire house.

We’re not sure if this happened the same night or not, but we almost caught him!  Almost being the operative word.  Sigh.   Several times, he’s set off the traps around the garage.  He’s eaten the food off the traps, set the traps off, and still didn’t get caught.  I’m a little scared at how fat he will be when we catch him.  We will outsmart him yet.

He has been in our house sometime in the past 2 weeks (probably the same night that he made an enemy of the skunk).  He left a nice fur coat behind.

March 217

Yep, grossness.  The glue trap was coated in fur.  He even chewed the sides off…as you can see.  We are getting closer…  I’m interested to see what he will look like when we do catch him…half bald, missing most of his tail, and probably super fat.  Watch out, Monster Mouse, we will triumph!



  1. Becka, I completely sympathize! I am sure he will get careless one of these days and you will have him. 🙂 It seems we have a mouse who has found my Easter candy! Horrors!! These vermin must be stopped!!

    • We might need to start a club. Or at least a club for the vermin to join so that they leave our houses alone! 🙂

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