Posted by: Becka | April 9, 2013

Spring Break in California: Traveling

I am so glad I don’t have to drive in DC very often.  The roads and traffic there are crazy! We made it safely to the hotel where we were parking for a week, and took the shuttle to the airport.  The lines for security looked really long, but they didn’t take very long to get through at all!  We found a Fuddruckers inside the terminal and had a nice lunch before taking off for St. Louis.

CA Trip 029-1

I just love this view of the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol building. 🙂

CA Trip 030

The St. Louis airport was rather nice.  Our terminal had little to no restaurants and shopping, but we weren’t hungry anyway.  I did buy some new sunglasses and a evening purse for my sister.  🙂  One of the NCAA Basketball games (Syracuse vs. Marquette)  was playing on all the TVs, so it made for a fun layover.

CA Trip 034

CA Trip 035

CA Trip 036

This lone basketball fan made me smile. Nobody else was at this end of the terminal at all.

CA Trip 038


We had a very good traveling day.  It was fun and peaceful.  🙂

CA Trip 041

CA Trip 042

We were so excited to arrive in California!







Let the fun vacation begin!  🙂





  1. Oooh, so St. Louis has rocking chairs now too, huh? (DFW does too!) Love it. That guy is probably so happy he’s alone to watch the game – trying to watch games in crowded, noisy airports isn’t the easiest (ask me how I know, lol,)
    Glad you had a good trip.

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