Posted by: Becka | April 11, 2013

Spring Break in California: Pink’s and Pantages

Tuesday morning and afternoon, Matt and I hung out with some friends.  We went to Pink’s Hot Dogs in Los Angeles.  It was my second time being there, and I wish I were brave enough to try something different than the regular chili dog.  lol  It is really good, but…  Mostly, there are just too many choices for me to decide from and not enough time for me to consider all the choices.  I’m also afraid of buying something I won’t like, so in the end, I always end up playing it safe.  It was a really good hot dog though!  🙂

CA Trip 144

CA Trip 145

That evening, as a birthday surprise for my sister, we headed down to Hollywood for a Broadway show.

Spring Break 064

Haha, my poor, unique sunburn. Sigh.

Spring Break 067

Spring Break 072

Spring Break 073

We went out to dinner first, then headed over to Pantages Theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast.

Spring Break 075

Spring Break 076

Spring Break 078

CA Trip 146

CA Trip 147

CA Trip 149

CA Trip 150

Afterwards, we stopped by Starbucks while we waited for the line for our valet parking to go down.  🙂

Spring Break 079

Spring Break 083

Spring Break 084

All in all it was a beautiful day!

*About half of these pictures were taken by my sister, Renae Ashton.


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