Posted by: Becka | May 3, 2013

The Masked Intruder

NOTE:  There is a picture of a dead critter at the bottom of this post.  It is not overly gory, but if you don’t wish to see it, be careful in your scrolling practices.  🙂

A few nights ago, right when we went to bed, our dog started barking like crazy.  Being a husky, our dog doesn’t bark often.  Of course, when he does, it’s always the middle of the night.  🙂

This time, since we weren’t even asleep yet, Matt went out and put him in his kennel for the night.  If we don’t do this, he just doesn’t stop barking.  All. Night. Long.  lol

The next morning, before leaving for work, Matt let him back out.  Almost immediately, he began barking again!  Constantly.  I was getting up for work soon, so it wasn’t a big deal, just unusual.

That evening came the escapade of the collarless dog.  Our dog is going crazy!

Or is he?

Yesterday, while working in the yard, Matt found a little surprise.

Apparently, we had a masked intruder on Tuesday night (the night of the incessant barking).  Using our detective skills, it had been there for at least 24 hours (which would put it around the time of the barking incident).  There was dog food near the body, so the perpetrator must have been stealing food.  There was a bite mark on his behind, which indicates that our dog was faster than the intruder.  Other than that, it appears the perpetrator was licked to death.

Our dog, while tied up, caught a raccoon.  I must say, that though raccoons don’t always bode well for dogs, I was still rather impressed.  I told you that my dog was fast!  🙂

On a side note, we are pretty sure that while we were on vacation that he might have done away with Monster Mouse, but I might have to write a separate post about that escapade.  🙂

The masked intruder was taken care of.  He’ll never try that again.  🙂

And now, a picture for your view pleasure:

May 001


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