Posted by: Becka | May 6, 2013

Who Killed the Easter Bunny?

About a week before Easter, my husband and our dog were roaming the yard.  A rabbit darted out from a bush and our dog was after it like a flash of lightning!  He almost caught that rabbit too, but the rabbit did a disappearing act into the bushes.

The dog was busy exploring things while my husband worked.  It had been a while since my husband had seen the dog, so he called Onesimus.

The dog was not at all interested in coming.  He was much more interested in something else.  He finally comes running toward Matt carrying something in his mouth.  Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that it was a baby bunny!  And it was not doing well.  Mostly, it looked drown to death.  We have discovered that our dog has a penchant for licking things “to death.”

Our dog had found the baby bunny nest and was having a marvelous time!  The baby bunnies however, were not.  😦  Poor bunnies (Then again, they do eat all my plants).

Who killed the Easter Bunny?  It just might have been my dog.  Or my husband.  The facts are a little cloudy.



  1. Yeah, there were a few casualties when you guys were gone…forgot to mention that-he’s quite the hunter! 🙂

    • Laura filled us in some. lol He is quite the hunter!

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