Posted by: Becka | June 13, 2013

My Thirty-One Party

I have not posted in so long! I’m so sorry.  My only excuse is that life has been crazy lately.  🙂  Mostly, work has been crazy as I’ve been preparing for and now in the midst of Summer Reading Programs at the library.  🙂  I tell you, there is a lot to do every single day!  

On top of work busyness, I hosted a party at my house last Saturday.  I had tons of stuff to do to prepare for that, so the blogging got tossed to the wayside.  

I hosted a party for my sister-in-law who just recently became a consultant for Thirty-One (no, it was not my 31st birthday party…not quite there yet).  We had a blast at my party, just hanging out, exploring the bags, etc.  It was super fun!

I’m sorry for the terrible pics, I didn’t check my camera setting.  No wonder they were so “bright.”  lol

June 037

June 038

June 039

June 050

June 052

June 053

June 054

June 058

As I basically introduced Thirty-One to about half the group, it made for a very successful party.  I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of hostess rewards I was able to earn!  

I can’t wait for all the products to come in.  I’m definitely going to have a great time handing them out to the appropriate people.  🙂



  1. Looks fun!
    Unrelated…when I saw the saw hanging over the doorway I thought “Woah what if there’s an earthquake!” Guess you don’t worry about that any more!

    • lol Nope. It is attached rather securely though, just in case. 🙂

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