Posted by: Becka | July 17, 2013

6th Anniversary – Natural Bridge Caverns

After having a nice lunch at the Cafè, stopped in what was advertised as “Virginia’s Largest Indoor Butterfly Garden.”  After seeing the “Garden,”  we came to the conclusion that it was the only indoor butterfly garden in Virginia.  It was so small!

6th Anniversary 178

6th Anniversary 181

Once we had a chance to browse the gift shop, we headed down the road a bit to the Caverns at Natural Bridge.  There was a little bit of a wait, so we got some ice cream and enjoyed a little snack outside while we waited!

6th Anniversary 187

6th Anniversary 189

6th Anniversary 219

6th Anniversary 228

When we came out of the caverns, it was pouring!  We made a mad dash for the car and started on our trip up to Luray.

6th Anniversary 268

6th Anniversary 277

It was a beautiful drive!  Our GPS finally informed us that we were “arriving at destination, on right.”  We pulled into the driveway of a gorgeous house!  It had a nice big “Welcome” sign.  We knocked lightly and opened the door (like is normal for most B&Bs).  As we walked into the foyer of the beautiful house, a giant chalkboard was right in front of us once again proclaiming “Welcome!”  We called out and a man replied that he was up in the living room and to “Come on up!”  As we reached the top and started talking to him, he happily informed us that we were in the wrong house!!!!!  I was so embarrassed at first until he laughingly regaled us with stories of other people who had made the same mistake.  Apparently one couple even walked in after he and his wife had retired to bed and were upset that they didn’t leave the light on!  lol  Their house looked like every B&B I’ve been in, and was so beautiful!  Matt commented on the beautiful garden and the man was so happy to proudly talk about his garden.  He told us to take our time and look around before proceeding to the actual B&B.  lol  We did take our time and enjoyed his beautiful flowers!

We did find our Bed and Breakfast without much trouble after that.  😉  It was not a disappointment to see the real B&B instead of the first beautiful house we stopped at.  lol

Our room was so cute and old fashioned.  It was also accompanied by the smallest bathroom I’ve ever seen.  I loved, however, that all the quilts and such throughout the room were all hand stitched!  Wow.  It was beautifully furnished.  The house was built in the 1830s and was one of three houses that didn’t get burned down during the civil war.

6th Anniversary 279

6th Anniversary 283

6th Anniversary 296

6th Anniversary 299

We headed out to dinner and shared a laugh that the Southern Kitchen had the same style sign that the Southern Inn did where we had dinner the night before.  🙂  The atmosphere was very different, but it was such a fun, pleasant place!

6th Anniversary 280

6th Anniversary 281



  1. Okay, the story of going into the wrong house cracks me up! And what is up with having a huge chalkboard with WELCOME written on it inside the door? 🙂 Maybe my home is lacking. LOL

    • lol I know! He said that it happens all the time and that we had made it the farthest into his house so far. I’m assuming he enjoys meeting the people and having fun stories to tell, otherwise, you’d think he’d just lock the front door. 😀

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