Posted by: Becka | July 18, 2013

6th Anniversary – Luray Caverns

Saturday morning, we had the most amazing breakfast at the B&B.  It was french toast with homemade apple cinnamon syrup.  It was so delicious.  If my breakfast tasted like that every morning, I’d be very fat.

Matt says this sign means, "High railroad tracks, your trailer might break."

Matt says this sign means, “High railroad tracks, your trailer might break.”

6th Anniversary 312

Random silo right in the backyard of this house in a development! It was such a strange sight.

6th Anniversary 322

Right after breakfast, we headed to Luray.  It was a good thing we got there “early.”  The line was pretty long already (and the parking lot was very full as well!).  I stood in the entrance line, while Matt went and bought our tickets.  45 minutes later, we were admitted to the caverns!

6th Anniversary 323

6th Anniversary 327

They were amazing and really cavernous.  🙂  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (and be thankful that I didn’t post all of them).

6th Anniversary 328

6th Anniversary 340-1

6th Anniversary 381

6th Anniversary 390

Underground lake. It was only 2 feet deep, but the reflection made it look like it went down forever! It was so beautiful.

6th Anniversary 410

6th Anniversary 424

This is my favorite pic from the caverns.

6th Anniversary 427

6th Anniversary 433

6th Anniversary 448

Straight up.

6th Anniversary 453

Wishing well – they collect the coins every year and donate it to charity. They average around $10,000 a year!

6th Anniversary 455

The guide said that this lake was 6 feet deep, but 3 feet of it is covered in coins. 3 feet deep?! Crazy.

6th Anniversary 458

I really appreciated that the Luray Cavern experience was almost like a self-guided tour.  Basically, you walked it at your own pace, and there were workers periodically that would give a speech.  I really enjoyed not being rushed around with a big group, trying to get good pictures.  lol

After we finished at the cave, we went next door to the Car Museum.  It was rather fun to walk through.  🙂

6th Anniversary 469

6th Anniversary 478

Then, we headed to lunch at Pizza Hut!  I loved the idea of stopping at Pizza Hut (which we stumbled across on our way to Subway), since Pizza Hut is where we went on our very first date.  😀  Yum!


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