Posted by: Becka | July 19, 2013

6th Anniversary – Shenandoah National Park

After Luray Caverns and lunch at Pizza Hut, my wonderful husband, who knows me so well, took me to this place:

6th Anniversary 481

6th Anniversary 482

I was so excited!  It had hundreds of books!  I really wish there was a store like this near where I live.  While browsing the shelves, a nice British man and I struck up a conversation about Graham Green (author).  I have never read any books by Greene, but apparently this British Professor of History (at the local university) thought I needed to read one.  Before leaving the store, he approached me and handed me a book.  He had bought it for me!  I thanked him, and he replied with, “You’re welcome, I can afford it.”  Umm…okay. lol

After buying a stack of books :), we headed up to Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive.  The drive was gorgeous! We made several stops along the way to our destination.

6th Anniversary 488

6th Anniversary 491

6th Anniversary 492

6th Anniversary 495

We finally arrived at the Stony Man Trailhead, and proceeded on the 3-mile (round trip) hike.  It was gorgeous!

6th Anniversary 502

6th Anniversary 503

6th Anniversary 505

6th Anniversary 506

We saw a real live bear!  Thankfully, he was more interested in getting away from us.  However, due to his distance that was fast increasing, and my inability to have time to fool with my camera, I didn’t get any great pictures of him.

6th Anniversary 510

6th Anniversary 511

6th Anniversary 522

We reached the end of the trail and were bombarded with this glorious view:

6th Anniversary 525

6th Anniversary 533

6th Anniversary 538

6th Anniversary 543

6th Anniversary 544

6th Anniversary 546

Why is it that going down the trail always feels quicker?  We made it to the parking lot, and with a quick stop at Skyland Lodge, we headed back down out of the mountains.

6th Anniversary 550

6th Anniversary 552

6th Anniversary 554

Hey! We were just up there!

6th Anniversary 555

View from the other side…see the man up there?

6th Anniversary 558

6th Anniversary 559

6th Anniversary 563

6th Anniversary 567

We had a nice, uneventful drive home.  It was such a marvelous, wonderful, fun-filled trip.  🙂  I thoroughly enjoyed my mini-vacation!


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