Posted by: Becka | July 25, 2013

My Awesome Dance Moves

The things I do for my job.  We had a great dance program come to the library (funded by the state) and they were pretty cool.  I was rather impressed with all of their dancing and dance moves.  Illystyle and Peace Productions were very entertaining.  I was loving the program.

I even enjoyed when they asked for kids to come up and join them in dancing!  On a side note, I found it hilarious that one of the volunteers refused to dance as soon as he heard it was a Justin Beiber song.  He didn’t want to sit down, he didn’t want to dance, he just stood there with his arms crossed on strike against the song.  It was so funny!
Then the dreaded moment arrived and they asked for adult volunteers.  Of course, none of the mothers wanted to get up and dance…so, guess who had to go up and dance in front of everyone?!  Oh. My. Word.  I can’t dance AT ALL.  I never dance…and I certainly have never attempted dancing when there are other people around.  Unfortunately for me, my inner diva comes out when I’m forced to be in front of people.  It’s like I don’t even know myself.  I start being silly and all dramatic (like introducing a huge show or something).  I guess I come to the conclusion, that if I’m going to make a fool out of myself, might as well make it entertaining for everyone else.
Even with my inner diva (who I’m not really friends with), it was soooo embarrassing.  I just waved my arms around and tried to copy the dance moves that I had seen throughout the program, but with a silly twist to it (might as well make it look like I’m trying to be silly instead of trying to actually pull out anything resembling a dance move). I must have been quite a sight.  I was waving my arms all over the place and I felt like an idiot (I most assuredly looked like one).  Finally, when I thought I couldn’t think of another crazy, silly, utterly ridiculous move…the music stopped.  It was over! Now, I could hang my head in shame and slink back to my seat.  Thankfully, after bowing, I was allowed to do just that.
After the program, this mom comes up to me and says, “You’ve got the moves!”  I laughingly was like…”whatever”…because I knew she was saying that sarcastically, you know, helping me make light of my ridiculous situation. Then she continues, “My sister has the moves too…I don’t know how you guys do it.”  WHAT?!  She’s SERIOUS?  She thinks I have moves?  What planet does she live on?!  hahaha  So apparently, my crazy white girl dance with no rhythm and wild arm swinging was…. halfway good?  Hahaha.  probably not.  But, wow.  I’m still floored that she would even think that!  hahahahahha  Wow, just wow.  I can tell you that members of the dance group did not tell me that I “had the moves.”  🙂  Then, another mom told me I did a “good job.”  Not sure if that was referring to my dance moves, my awesome self confidence, or the fact that she didn’t have to get up there.  🙂
Unfortunately for me, there are pictures of this terrible arm-swinging disaster.  You will never know how thankful I am that there isn’t a video… at least, not to my knowledge.  On second thought, I probably could have won some money from America’s Funniest Home Videos with that one.  😉
After seeing these pictures, I’m doubly glad there is not video evidence of this travesty (what am I even doing?!  It’s like I think I’m a “gangsta.”):
Illstyle and Peace 012-1
Illstyle and Peace 013-1
Addendum:  A third mom told me that I did a good job!  Maybe I should change careers…not!  haha  She said that the guy near me looked impressed. I seriously doubt he was actually impressed.  Maybe he was just flattered that I was trying to copy him!  Trying being the operative word.  You can see in the picture that he thinks I’m pretty funny.  That doesn’t look like impressed to me.  lol  😀  I probably should have broken out my mad break dancing moves…or as the guy said, it’s actually called “breaking,” which is what would have happened to my body had I attempted said moves.


  1. wow.. such grace..such poise..your a natural! You go girl with yo smooth gangsta moves. 🙂

    • hahaha! Thanks! 😉

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