Posted by: Becka | July 26, 2013

Who Needs Thumbs Anyways?

Wednesday evening started out like any other normal evening.  I was inside making dinner, Matt was outside working in the yard.  He had told me he was going out to split wood and to come out and get him at 6:25.

Around 6:15, he comes in the house, walking in a very funny manner.  At first, I thought he was being silly and pretending to sneak around.  Nope.  He comes into the kitchen and says in a very quiet voice (he was wearing ear plugs), “I think crushed my thumb.”  It took a few seconds for that information to sink in.  Then, I started noticing the white pallor to his face, the look of pain, and it occurred to me why he was walking so funny.  He sits down in the chair and pulls his leather glove off.

I must tell you, I was greatly relieved not to see any blood (“crushed” thumb was giving me all sorts of terrible visions).  I helped him take off his gloves, his safety glasses, and ear plugs.  He immediately tried to explain what happened, but I could tell it was really hard for him to stay focused and to even speak for that matter.  I got some ice for his thumb, got a cold, sugary drink for him, and tried to help him in any way I could.

I saw his thumb was already black and blue and starting to swell, so I immediately turned off all the stove burners and unplugged the vegetable steamer.  I got my shoes on and my stuff together, while he tried to relax.  I could tell he was still in a bit of a state of shock, but he was mostly making sense.  I called Pastor to let him know that we wouldn’t be at church to run the teen program, and we started off for the emergency room.

Matt was finally able to explain clearly what happened:  while using the wood splitter, he was working with an especially stubborn piece of wood.  While the blade was coming down, his thumb was in a crevice in another part of the wood.  When the blade started cutting the other part, the pressure clamped the crevice closed on his thumb.  He was unable to free his thumb until the blade went all the way down and back up, releasing the pressure.  He said he felt some strange popping and “weird” things.  In looking at the leather gloves he was wearing, you can see exactly where the wood clamped down on his thumb.  I’m so grateful he was wearing gloves, didn’t have any broken skin, and that the pressure wasn’t greater!

We called his parents on the way to let them know what was happening.  During the conversation, they lost reception, so when Matt’s dad called him off, and Matt said, “We somehow got cutoff.”  His dad responded in a panic, “CUT OFF?!  It’s cut off?!”  While this would not be a funny situation at all, I found it hysterical.  Thankfully, so did Matt and his dad.  lol

We don’t live very far from our hospital, so we arrived in less than 10 minutes.  However, by this time, Matt was over the initial shock of it, and was able to think through things more clearly.  He had decent movement in his thumb, even to the point of being able to pinch things.  It was pretty sore around the joint, but he figured the emergency room would only be able to take an xray and tell if it were broken or not, so in the end, we decided not to go in.

We headed back home with plans to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor in the near future (which he now has an appointment for Wednesday).  Since we weren’t gone for very long, and dinner was almost ready when we left, I was able to salvage dinner and we ate almost right away.

Matt’s thumb has some strange bumps on the skin around the joint and is really sore around the joint.  We are hoping the damage is minor.  Wednesday’s appointment will tell.


Update on Matt’s thumb!


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