Posted by: Becka | July 30, 2013

On Being a Redhead

I love the color of my hair.  Being a redhead is almost like being in a club.  You have an immediate connection to others with red hair.  As a redhead, you get used to comments like: “I wish I had your hair color,”  “Your hair is so beautiful!”  “I used to have red hair when I was younger.”  I’ve heard these statements numerous times ever since I was a little girl.  They are just a part of life.

1987 Dec - Rebekah and Renae (2)

As a baby, I was bald.  Bald, bald, bald…however, I had red eyebrows and eyelashes (my eyelashes appeared and still appear more of a blonde).  My parents knew I was going to have red hair because of this.  When my hair started coming in around age 2, my hair exceeded expectations.  It was not only red, but curly!  SO curly, but that is for another post.

1984 - Rebekah (2)

My red hair has become the description for me.  I’m rarely described by my size, height, or personality.  I am “the girl with the red hair.”  This does not actually bother me at all.  My hair is what is memorable about me to those who don’t know me well.  When they forget my name (or never knew my name), they can still describe me easily.

Rebekah Joy Wilson 2005

This always leads to people calling you “names.” I have never felt slighted by the names my red hair elicits.  I respond to “Red.”  I smile when I hear “Ginger” or “Rusty.”  I laugh and think of Anne of Green Gables whenever I’m referred to as “Carrots,” “Carrot top,” or even “Anne.”  (Speaking of Anne, I just love her and it was a sad, sad day when I learned that Megan Follows was not a true redhead.)  As a child, I was referred to as “Annie” (due to my red hair and Shirley Temple-like curls).  My least favorite reference is “red-headed stepchild,”  but I’ve learned to not mind it.  lol

1994 - Renae, Rebekah, Grandma, Tim (1)

I laughingly refer to my hair as “orange,” ever since my best friend’s brother compared a red crayon and an orange crayon to his own hair.  His hair (and mine) definitely falls in the “orange” category.  🙂  We were many times mistaken as siblings.

Terrible hair style, but see how it matches the orange kittens?  ;)

Terrible hair style, but see how it matches the orange kittens? 😉  Pretty sure I didn’t even DO my hair that day.  lol

Contrary to stereotypes, I don’t have the typical redheaded temper.  I’m a pretty easy going person.  I lose my cool once in a while, but no more than your average person.  🙂  Even my husband, friends, and family agree on this one.

..or maybe I do have a temper..  ;)

..or maybe I do have a temper.. 😉

I have freckles, but in my opinion, just the right amount of them.  🙂  I do get more when I’m in the sun, but it just adds color to my skin.  Like most redheads, I can’t get a tan to save my life.  I burn in 20 minutes, and even when I apply sunscreen every hour, I’ll still come home from the beach with a burn.  My burns never turn into tans.  If I’m really lucky, I can coax a light burn into a light tan, but it generally takes a couple weeks.  🙂  As a result, I have a bit of a phobia regarding the sun.  I love the outdoors, I love spending the day outside, but if I start to “feel the sun on me,” I go into panic mode and apply the sunscreen like a crazy person.  I even have a backup bottle of sunscreen in my purse.  🙂  I have been known to get a burn on a cloudy day even!  It’s rather ridiculous.  🙂

This is how the sun makes me feel...

This is how the sun makes me feel…

Some have said that the redhead gene is dying.  They evidently haven’t really opened their eyes in the United States.  There are redheads everywhere!  I am acquainted with over 15 redheads.  While on vacation this month, I saw at least 50 of them.  Most of them were children.  The redhead gene is not dying.  It’s going to be around for a good long while.


I love being a redhead.  I love the uniqueness and beauty of it.  I enjoy living life as a redhead.  Long live redheads!


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