Posted by: Becka | August 2, 2013

Blackberry Dump Cake

With my in-laws unable to pick their own blackberries this season, Matt and I are overwhelmed with luscious, plump, delicious, sweet blackberries.  So far, we’ve picked about 4 giant bowls full with more still on the bush!

I gave a bunch to my friend, and she made this blackberry dump cake (with her own twists) and found it so yummy, that she sent the recipe to me!  It is so easy to make and sooooo yummy!

This is a recipe that can be found on Pinterest, and I’m sure if you decided to make this, you would recommend it to all your friends as well!

July 097

July 099

July 106

July 107

July 108

July 110

The original recipe is from Mommy’s Kitchen.  I used raspberry jello mix as I couldn’t find any blackberry.  It was so yummy…wait, I already said that.  I just might make another one as Matt brought home another bowl full of blackberries last night.  🙂


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