Posted by: Becka | August 6, 2013

Cutting My Own Hair

I have never gotten my hair cut at a salon – at least, not that I can remember.  There might have been one time with a hair cutting disaster of my youth that my mom took me to one…  Anyways, I think part of the reason is that I’m not sure I trust them, and another part is that I’ve always had skilled people around me who were willing to cut my hair for a decent price.

2007 Dec - Rebekah and Matt

Then I moved to Delaware.  I didn’t really want to go to a hair salon.  It felt like too much money and made me nervous.  Because of my curly hair, and the typical complaint of “they cut too much off,”  I worry that the salon will cut my hair too short and with my curls (which spring up exponentially depending on how short my hair gets) it will end up even shorter than the already “too short.”  🙂  So, I did the next best thing.  I checked out a book from the library on How to Cut Your Own Hair.  I followed the directions very carefully, only taking about half an inch off the bottom.  It turned out just fine!  Ever since that day, I’ve been cutting my own hair.  I rather enjoy doing it, and the result is nice, so why not? My hair was really long in January of 2010:





I decided to chop it off that following July.  I started out cutting it a little longer than I wanted it.  I thought that if I messed up, there would still be enough length for a hair dresser to fix it!  Well, the initial cut looked fine, so I cut it shorter.  That looked fine too, but it wasn’t quite as short as I wanted, so off went some more hair.  I was rather pleased with the final result and was loving my new shorter hair do.



Afterwards, I realized that had I cut it all off in one gigantic length, it would have been plenty long enough for donating, but too late for that! I have since been attempting to grow my hair back out.  Maybe next time I get the urge to chop it, I can donate it.  We shall see.  It’s getting pretty long, just not quite as long as it was in 2013.

June 097

After a few years of cutting my own hair, I came across this idea of cutting my hair:

Now, I do a mixture of styles!  I cut my hair wet initially.  Trim it somewhat evenly, or with very subtle layers.  Then I let it dry.  Once it dries, I take the ends of my curls and trim them yet again.  This makes my curls nice and even without that long, thin hair (that just makes the curls look somewhat scraggly).

August 012

Raggedy End

August 014

Clean cut!








I’m thinking I might want to try some longer layers next time.  I’ll have to talk myself into it.  🙂

Cutting my own hair turns out nicely and as a result, I feel wonderful about my hair!



  1. Nice…
    Thanks for sharing great story of your hair cut.

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