Posted by: Becka | August 15, 2013

30 is the New 20

Well, my 30th birthday has come and gone.  I really can’t believe it.  I don’t feel old enough to be 30.  Sometimes, I don’t even feel like an adult!  lol  I’m not sure when exactly you start to feel “grown up,” but I have a feeling that I will never feel that way.  I’ve come to the realization that however old you are isn’t old.  I wouldn’t wish a turning back of time, or being 20 again.  I am very happy with where I am in life and I’m enjoying every minute of it!  I’ll just enjoy it in a new decade of life now.  🙂

I must say, that this birthday was a very unique one.  Due to circumstances on Monday, the entire week was thrown out of whack.  Not only that, but my birthday fell on a Wednesday, which left little to no time for celebration.  The most surprising factor of all was the weather.  To my recollection, it was the coolest (weather-wise) birthday that I remember.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and is almost reminding me of fall.

I never oversleep, but on my birthday, of all days, I accidentally turned my alarm off instead of snoozing it.  As a result my morning was super rushed.  I somehow made it out of the house on time (even though I overslept by at least 15 minutes), but ran into “traffic” on the way to work.  It made me a few minutes late.  It was definitely an odd start to my day.

I thought that turning 30 would be somewhat traumatic, but besides the fact that I wasn’t feeling extremely well on my birthday, it wasn’t really a big deal at all.  I’d still like to have some kind of celebration, but since I haven’t planned anything yet, I’m not sure that will actually happen.

I received texts, phone calls, and facebook messages from numerous friends and family.  I even got a fun birthday song over the phone.  My in-laws sang a cute duet for me.  🙂  My friend, Rachel, stopped by my work today with a plate of brownies and a birthday song.  It kinda made my day.  As I was leaving work with my brownies, a little boy asked me for some.  Since I didn’t want to share, I told him that they were “for me since it’s my birthday.”  He proceeded to ask how old I was (and scolded by his parents for asking), and when I told him to guess…his first guess?  “56!”…umm no.  lol  He then guessed 27 followed by the correct guess of 30.  It pleased me to see the shocked expressions on his parents faces as his dad said, “I would have guessed 22.”  As I was walking away, I heard him comment to his wife, “She looks 13.”  I’ll take it!  😀  I was even more pleased as my coworkers expressed shock at my age…they work with me every day!  I’m hoping this shock is a testament to my looks, not my actions.  🙂

I received some fun gifts for my birthday.  My best friend gave me a Shutterfly gift card (I love ordering from there!).  My sister-in-law gave me some Thirty-One bags and a gift card for my next purchase (hooray!), and my husband got creative with some nail art gift sets (tools, polish, some cool patterns to put on your nails), and a giant Kit Kat.  The most exciting gift, however, was the external hard drive he got me!  Hooray!  A place to store all my pictures!  It’s a great portable size, and I can’t wait to pull it out and start using it.  So excited!

August 258


August 262


August 268


August 277


August 279


August 281


August 284


August 285

I have really wanted a cool shelf, fold-up ladder idea for my craft shows coming up, but when I went shopping last Friday for a few of them I had seen, I couldn’t find one.  Matt offered to make me one for my birthday.  I’m excited to go shopping for the supplies on Saturday.

My coworkers celebrated my birthday with me today with a chocolate cake and a fun birthday card…and since the birthday “out to eat” event will most likely be on Saturday, I’ve been claiming the entire week as my birthday week.  For a nice alliteration, I think I will henceforth refer to it as “Becka’s Birthday Bonanza.”  I considered “Bash,” but “Bonanza” fit the feeling better.  🙂

Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes my direction!  I felt very loved.



  1. Bwahahha ok so your birthday name reminds me of a children’s book that to this day I still remember the title of: Brother Billy Bronto’s Bygone Blue’s Band. I have no idea what it’s about, but we had it at GPL and I remember thinking it would be a perfect book title name should I ever play Scattergories and roll a “B” (oh brother) – lol. (And I can’t remember the things I NEED to remember…)
    I hope you have a fun birthday lunch with the office peeps. =) I miss office bday celebrations!

    • HAHAHA! That book title is awesome. I’m gonna have to write that down somewhere and change it to “Bubbly Becka Bowers…” or something like that. 😀 Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. So happy birthday! It’s funny how as we get older being told we look 13 is a compliment…when I was 18 and a camp counselor I was SO insulted that something thought I was 13! At 30 we don’t mind hearing that at all!

    • This is so true.. I was super offended once when I was 16 and the waitress asked if I wanted a children’s menu…lol Now, I’d be thrilled! lol

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