Posted by: Becka | August 20, 2013

Plopping – My Adaptation

Plopping/Plunking – v. the act of piling your hair on top of your head and securing in place with a t-shirt while it dries  (my own definition).

Most videos or posts your see or read about plopping tell you to pile the hair on top of your head, wrap it in a t-shirt and leave it there until your hair is dry.  This method did not work well for my hair, or for my routine.  There were several problems with it.  The biggest problem I had was that plopping thoroughly flattened my bangs, making them unmanageable and unsightly.  My bangs basically reacted as if I were wearing a hat all morning, thus resulting in a bad case of hat hair every single morning.  This is not the look I was going for.  I attempted pushing the t-shirt back off of my forehead, allowing my bangs to air dry, but I found that this put funny creases in my hair.  Another problem I had with the normal plopping idea is the time it took for the hair to dry.  I don’t have enough time to wait around while my hair air dries, much less while it attempts to completely dry while wrapped in a t-shirt.

Therefore, I developed my own method of plopping.

I start out the typical way:

1.  After my shower, I use a t-shirt to squeeze excess water from my hair, I then place the t-shirt on a flat surface with the neck opening facing me, tip my head upside down, and place my hair near the neck opening of the t-shirt.

In the picture, I am using my kitchen chair.  I’ve seen people in videos use their toilet seat.  I prefer to just use the edge of my bathtub.’

August 237

2.  Follow your hair down until your head is against the t-shirt.  Fold up the bottom of the t-shirt (I do about half-way between the amount I have left), and pull the end up toward the bottom of your hair.  Pull the corners of the t-shirt down toward your ears, covering them up and holding the hair in place.

August 242

August 243

3.  Roll the sleeves of the t-shirt and wrap them behind your head, tying a knot to hold the t-shirt in place.  Tada!  Done with the first step of my plopping version.

August 245

August 247

4.  I wear my hair up in the t-shirt for only a few minutes, really only the time it takes me to get dressed.  This allows most of the excess water to seep into the t-shirt and my hair is not dripping wet when I start to style it.

5.  I apply the product I’m using for this day (right now, this is Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray Gel, but another hair experiment is looming, so this might change soon).

6.  I use a diffuser to dry my hair a little more.  I only dry my hair a small bit, so it takes about 3 minutes.

7.  I tip my head upside-down and apply some mousse to my trouble areas (areas that are prone to frizz – I use TRESemmè Curl Care Flawless Curls Mousse).

8.  After applying the mousse, while my head is upside down, I split my hair into two sections.  I have thin hair, so only two sections are necessary, if your hair is thicker, you might need to adapt this part to fit your needs.

9.  I accordion each section up to my scalp and secure it with a hair clip.  I mostly use the claw clips, but I’ve also used the salon hair clips (the ones that are flatter).  I leave my hair like this for at least 10 minutes.

August 249

10.  While my hair is drying, I apply my makeup and do other things that are part of my morning routine.  I have learned if I leave the clips in too long, it defeats the purpose and my hair starts to get frizzy.  However, if I removed the clips in between 10 to 40 minutes, it helps my curls immensely!  I then style how I wish and I’m good for the day!

I realize that my plopping method is a lot different than other methods, but it works well for me!  Stay tuned for another hair experiment!  I’m hoping to have time for one in a few weeks (I may have found a way to coax my curls even more!).


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