Posted by: Becka | August 22, 2013

Someone Has Definitely Been Sitting In My Chair

The day after I was in the car accident, I was pretty sore.  The front desk where I spend the first half of my day doesn’t have an office chair, but rather has a small stool to sit on.  As a result, my back and neck were really sore after the first few hours of work.  I was really looking forward to getting to my own desk and my own comfy chair.

I sat at my desk, ready to get comfortable, and realized that someone had raised my chair.  I reached underneath and pulled the lever.  Nothing.  I bounced and bounced on the chair.  It didn’t budge.  What?!  That’s when I realized that this was not my chair.  It was a chair from one of the public computers!  Wait, what happened to my chair?  I started looking around the room.  It didn’t take long to spot my chair.  It was at the closest computer to my desk, and there was a man sitting in it!  Not only that… my name is on the back of the chair in masking tape (left over from when we moved into our temporary location)!

August 251


Now, my first instinct was to march up to said man and demand my chair back, berating him for taking it.  There were a few problems with this:  1)  I was not exactly wanting my chair back once I realized who was sitting in it.  The man was not the type of man that inspires thoughts of cleanliness and good smells.  This meant I would not only have to procure my chair from him, but also douse it with some lysol and wipe it down with clorox wipes.  I really hate to be that rude person, so this made me hesitate. 2)  What if he didn’t really take my chair and he was an innocent bystander in all this?  Then I would blast him for no reason.

I checked the computer times and realized that he would be vacating said chair in about 10 minutes.  While my current chair (also public chair which is now grossing me out) was not the most comfortable, I figured I could stand 10 minutes.  The damage had already been done, so…I might as well wait.

This was a good plan.  Only here’s the problem.  This man’s computer session ended and his lazy bum just rolled my chair backwards to the reservation computer, and he started making a new reservation for the same computer while not ever vacating the chair!  I’d had enough.  I walked up to him and as politely as possible I said, “(Insert name), did you switch chairs with the one at that desk?”  Pointing to my own desk, of course.  He said that he didn’t and that the chair was already there when he sat down.  I asked if I could switch chairs with him, which he gladly did, and I proceeded to douse the chair with clorox wipes and lysol.  lol

I finally had my chair back!  It took me a little while to get over the “grossness” of the entire ordeal.  This still left the mystery of how it got switched in the first place.  I’m still unsure what happened.  I just know that the patron didn’t switch it and our maintenance man didn’t switch it.  All I know, is that if it happens again, I’m going to have to put a huge sign on my chair whenever I leave my desk!  🙂

August 252



  1. You should put one of those zip cords on the chair and attach it to the desk, so it can only ever go a few feet away from it 🙂

    • LOL That is an awesome idea. Seriously. Especially because my desk space is small to begin with. 🙂

  2. Bwahaha my first thought was LARRY. Do you remember that CREEPY guy from GPL? Oh man…gross library patrons…that’s one thing I DO NOT miss from that job. Although they do make for great stories after the fact.

    • ewww…Larry. Sigh, yeah. Oh well, I got my chair back and thoroughly disinfected. lol

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